Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple...lashes are complicated, expensive, and unsustainable. You only have two options: expensive lash extensions or glue on strip lashes. Extensions are costly, time consuming and the “in-between fills” period is the number one complaint from those wearing them! Strip lashes can be difficult to apply, damage your natural lashes and they are hard to reuse! Cheap lashes end up in trash can along with your money!

Turns out that with a little innovation you can have lashes that are easy to use, don't require glue, and are reusable! We started HeroLash to make false lashes simple - welcome magnetic lashes! Not just any magnetic lashes – handmade, high-quality, 10 mini-magnet lashes that offer optimal strength and adhesions!

Our lashes are created with you in mind – to save YOU time and money! By the way...Did we mention that they are sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free!

from our founder

The dream of owning a lash company came soon after the birth of my son. I was in a rut and trying to get back to “myself” and realized that lashes were a quick and easy fix to feeling confident, happy, and looking awake – even if I wasn’t!

The problem – I hated applying lashes with glue. It’s messy, time consuming and I ended up throwing them away after just one use! Lash extensions... who really has the time (and money) for those, I didn’t!

I knew I had to find something that was easy and convenient for myself and everyone else! Cue – The birth of HeroLash!  

how we give back

We like to do everything with a purpose. HeroLash truly believes in giving back to our community and making an impact whether it is big or small. We have committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to helping women and girl’s flourish! Make sure to follow us on our giving journey and see what impacts we make together! #herolash #lasheswithapurpose #glamhero